Cross-breeding Parrots!

A few weeks back, just before leaving for the rehab, I was fortunately feeling a little better. I was able to make a trip to one of the parks nearby – it’s a good place to see Parrots and some Spotted Owlets.

Zebra Doves will always have a special place in my heart.

As I arrived there was a lot of Parrot action, or shall we say Parrot on Parrot action. To my surprise, there was a male Red-breasted Parakeet mating with a female Rose-ringed Parakeet. Definitely something you don’t see everyday, it’s hard enough to see a Rose-ringed Parakeet at this temple.

Red-breasted Parakeet and Rose-Ringed Parakeet in action.

Surprisingly, the Owlets weren’t present on this occasion but the rare sighting of interspecies mating left no room for feeling bad about that. They were very attracted to each other, allowing a few photos over the course of about 20 minutes.

I was excited, I hadn’t had the opportunity to leave the house for birding for a long while and this was the reward on my first time out! There was another birder watching but I don’t even know if they realised what was going on. I thought it was very amazing to see!

Comparing male and female Red-breasted Parakeet. Male has the bright beak. The species is also known as the Moustached Parakeet.

In this current period of time I’ve improved enough to come back to writing on my blog! I want to detail the struggle of the past couple months, it’s very heavy but I won’t go too deeply into it. That post is what I’m working on now, so stay tuned. See you around!

The female Rose-ringed Parakeet, known as the Indian Ringneck Parrot in Aviculture.

All images and video © 2022 hamsambly

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