Chinese Blue Flycatchers at the Park

At this point in time, the biggest draw for birders in Sirikit Park is the immature male Chinese Blue Flycatcher. I am not sure when it arrived but I first encountered it on new years day. Since then, it has been very confiding and easy to see. I have been to the park often, and on most visits I have been to see him. I want to showcase him over the visits.

New year new bird. Happily foraging at at our feet. 1st January 2022.
Every visit he has been showing nicely. 4th January 2022.
On another visit. He doesn’t get old. January 8th 2022.
Checking in on him. 13th January 2022.
Today’s visit, he flew to a wonderfully lit branch. 18th January 2022.

I wonder how long he will stay here… What is interesting is there is another Chinese Blue Flycatcher in the park, which is also not too hard to see. According to eBird, ‘2’ Chinese Blue Flycatcher in the park is very unusual, so it must be interesting. So, I will showcase her too. When I first encountered her I thought she was a Hill Blue Flycatcher, since I saw one of those here few weeks back, but further inspection and insight from Dave, turned out, it was another CBF. First encounter she provided an incredible photo opportunity.

First meeting with the female Chinese Blue Flycatcher. 8th January 2022.
I thought this picture captured her femininity nicely. January 8th 2022.

I guess it just comes with experience and knowledge of the location, as now I have been able to locate her on most of my visits to the park. I like to think I’m familiar with Sirikit and which areas are decent. It’s neighbouring park, Rotfai, is great too but sometimes I find that it is too much walking in comparison. If you want to see the difference between the female Hill Blue Flycatcher and the Chinese Blue. I will leave the picture below.

First encounter with Hill Blue Flycatcher. 22nd December 2021.
Left is Hill Blue and right is Chinese Blue

While the lighting and focal distance is very different, you can still pick out the differences. For me the easiest difference to pick out would be the intensity of colour on the throat. I hope you enjoyed reading, if you made it here. I have a many ideas for upcoming posts, tell me if you’re interested in anything in particular.

All images © 2021 – 2022 hamsambly


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