Arrival of Rain!

The past month has been very harsh in Bangkok. Extremely hot temperatures and also a high amount of air pollution. Yesterday, and the day before, thankfully, a storm blew in, giving us some great weather. And great birds! One of my favourite places to check for birds, Public Relations Department, had been having a quiet spell coinciding with the terrible conditions which ended a couple days back.

This male Yellow-rumped Flycatcher was very vocal and friendly, foraging on the ground and at my feet. 26/04.

2 days ago, I rushed back from Nakhon Ratchasima to the Department of Public Relations as David Gandy had just seen a few great birds, including a Tiger Shrike. When i got there 5 hours after the sighting, a storm was brewing, and the birds weren’t present. I guess they sensed the storm and took off earlier in the morning to continue their migration. In the afternoon I went to Benjakitti and a huge storm passed through and luckily it didn’t pass directly over the park. My favourite sighting was a Greater Coucal feeding its baby a Golden Tree Snake.

Greater Coucal, feeding young. 25/4.

The following day I returned to the DPR early, it also had rained last night and during the day before. I managed to see the Hooded Pitta which is in an adjacent walled garden. The Fairy Pitta call did the trick but as we found yesterday, its a clever bird, so it only checks once before disappearing!

Hooded Pitta having a brief check over the wall. 26/4.

I also had my first Dark-sided Flycatcher of the year which joined the Yellow-rumped Flycatcher, Mugimaki Flycatcher and Hooded Pitta for the morning’s haul.

Dark-sided Flycatcher. 26/4.

After DPR I went to my favourite spot in Nonthaburi, but after a few minutes the storm came in and I went back home. The weather was refreshing, the cool winds and overcast skies were much welcomed. My friend was at Phutthamonthon and he had found a Brown-chested Jungle Flycatcher and a Tiger Shrike, so I made plans to go straight there after arriving home!

A continuing Mugimaki FC in the canopy before the rain came. 26/4.

Upon arrival at Phutthamonthon it didn’t take long to find the Brown-chested Jungle Flycatcher, a lifer for me. My friend came back to help me search for Tiger Shrike and after walking across the road, I found another BCJFC! It was really amazing! Unfortunately the second one quickly disappeared and we couldn’t relocate it, but we both saw it.

Brown-chested Jungle Flycatcher. 26/04.

After an hour of searching we finally found the Tiger Shrike again, I only got a brief glimpse at it sitting obscured in the canopy. I stuck around for another 2 and a half hours and managed one more glimpse but no photo! Still a great day, beautiful weather and quiet time at one of my favourite places.

Spotted Owlet at Phutthamonthon. 26/04.

I wasn’t going to bother with the Japanese Paradise-Flycatcher which has already been at the National Science Museum in Pathum Thani for 2 weeks. But, recently, I had gotten a few messages about it and made me consider going, before it leaves. It was weird that the photographers got onto it so late, as I previously stated, it had been there a while already! This morning I made a quick trip to see it. As you can imagine, there are 60+ people sitting around the site, luckily I found a nice patch of ground by a tree to sit and managed a few nice photos before heading off.

In the first 5 mins it showed above in the tree, I was satisfied already with the picture and was considering leaving but gave it another 30-40 mins. 27/04.
Eventually he came back down to the perch and I captured these images. 27/04.

Japanese Paradise-Flycatcher has to be one of the most stunning creatures in existence and its always no surprise that it is always brings in large crowds of photographers. Here, it’s a rare passage migrant, making it even more special to catch a glimpse. In the end I’m glad I went to see it. Last year I saw the one in Bang Pu which was also a similar ordeal but the garden at the NSM was much more pleasant.

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