Dab Toon Afternoon

Last Wednesday I spent the afternoon back at Dab Toon in Kaeng Krachan National Park. A couple of weeks ago there was a bit of a scare with rangers coming to close it down. The boss must have had a bad day as it was open the next day. Unfortunately, that day, my friend was in the hide and they were told to leave. Apparently, they are in discussion, the future is still uncertain so I have been frequenting the hide for my main targets of Ferruginous Partridge and Grey Peacock-Pheasant.

Blue Pitta

The highly sought-after Blue Pitta spends most of the day hopping a few metres from this hide, when this, plus the chance of displaying Grey Peacock-Pheasants, and frequent, reliable Ferruginous Partridge, make this undoubtably the best hide in Phetchaburi at this time of writing.

Mouse Deer made a brief 2 minute appearance of my 6.5 hrs.

The targets came in rather late so most of the afternoon was filled with anticipation and waiting. Plenty of other birds to keep you entertained though. I’ll put some of my photos from the birds that I saw and frequently appear everyday.

Brown-cheeked Fulvetta
Puff-throated Babbler, this one came into the hide, very friendly.
Stunning female Indochinese Blue Flycatcher.
Lesser Necklaced Laughingthrush
Asian Emerald Dove
Siberian Blue Robin (f)
Large Scimitar-Babbler
Greater Necklaced Laughingthrush
Red Junglefowl (m)
Black-crested Bulbul
Red Junglefowl (f)

At 4pm the male Grey Peacock-Pheasant arrived, unfortunately not with the female, she came an hour later. I wasn’t disappointed as I just wanted to photograph them, and if they were displaying that would be too much!

Grey Peacock-Pheasant (f)

One thing I learnt previously is never leave the hide until it’s DARK. Today, I already knew to stick around as the Ferruginous Partridge duo were quite consistently showing at 6pm+. Activity usually has a little explosion at around this time anyway. It was exciting when the Ferruginous Partridges made their way into the clearing, they were extremely cute and friendly. They were joined by all the other Partridges, Bar-backed and Scaly-breasted.

The highlight, and most anticipated sighting, the main reason for my quick return to the hide: Ferruginous Partridge.

An amazing day came to an end with the stunning pair of Ferruginous Partridges. They stuck around and kept waiting in front of the hide as they usually get some supplemental foods thrown to them. I’m not sure when I’ll be back at these hides, possibly if someone wants to have a guided visit, because as of now, I’ve ticked all that I wanted to see!

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