Nonthaburi Year End

It’s best to not travel during new year in Thailand if it can be avoided, as with all holidays, it just means more people, more traffic, less fun. The past week I’ve revisited Wat Chaloem Phrakiat in Nonthaburi, I forgot about visiting for a while but it’s proven itself again as a great spot. Now, I prefer just going to the temple, rather than the park, since its way more manageable and there’s some construction at the park. When I just started birding last year, I found an incredible rarity at this temple, Wedge-tailed Green-Pigeon.

Orange-headed Thrush at the temple on the 20th of Dec 22.

It’s a fun spot, with the huge trees typical of temple grounds and you also have the riverfront right next to it. Last week I checked it out and found an Orange-headed Thrush, my 16th of the current winter period. I returned yesterday and it was still present, my SD card broke and didn’t have any tape so I returned the next day (29th Dec).

Orange-headed Thrush still present on the 29th Dec 22.

I managed some great photographs of the Orange-headed Thrush on the paved ground and eating amongst the leaf-litter. Even better, it was accompanied by another Thrush, an Eyebrowed Thrush! It was very much appreciated, the PR patch in Bangkok seems to have gone completely quiet but not the case a few km north in Nonthaburi.

Eyebrowed Thrush, more shy than the Orange-headed which was more approachable.

Among the many Red-breasted Parakeet there’s at least one Rose-ringed Parakeet, I documented it breeding with the Red-breasted a few months ago. It’s not too hard to find, and I located it today.

Female Rose-ringed Parakeet preening, probably same individual I documented mating with Red-breasted.

It’s definitely a spot that will be visited more often, my last visits photos (here). My domain is nearly expired, it’s slightly complicated, as I might want to transfer to another provider, if the site goes down for some time, I will sort it out! This might be the last post of 2022, heres’s to 1 full year of birding.

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