Quest for Black-crested Bulbul

For the past month I’ve been trying to see the Black-crested Bulbuls which have been spotted at Phutthamonthon Park. It’s unusual to see them so close to Bangkok, found throughout Thailand in forests and jungle it’s a treat to see them 30 minutes from the capital. When they were first spotted I tried to find them without any luck, then they went quiet for a few weeks and just recently returned. The past two days I set my sights on finding them.

Common Tailorbird perched on a bush. 23rd Oct.
Spotted Owlet, an easy find near the carpark. 23rd Oct.

Yesterday I couldn’t find the Black-crested Bulbuls, which was slightly disappointing as everyone else had reported it. I did get lucky with a perched Japanese Sparrowhawk and one that was in flight. Other interesting sightings included a flowing flock of about 30 Ashy Minivets and a Hair-crested Drongo which looked pretty close to a Crow-billed Drongo.

Juvenile Japanese Sparrowhawk spied through the foliage. 23rd Oct.
The very vocal winter visitor, Ashy Drongo. 23rd Oct.
Common Five-ring butterfly. 23rd Oct.

Today I had the feeling to head back to the park despite visiting yesterday. On the way over, the clouds were dark and it drizzled slightly but it seemed like it was passing by quickly. Cycling around I decided to take a slight detour and bumped into a Rufous-winged Buzzard, I already knew this visit would be fruitful, because, well, it already was.

Rufous-winged Buzzard was flying low between the trees and allowed some photos before flying off into more trees. 24th Oct.

This complimented my other sighting of Grey-faced Buzzard (fly-over) at Phutthamonthon Park from a week ago. Buzzing, from the sighting I pedalled off to the bamboo area. I heard some peculiar sounds which happened to be my main target of Black-crested Bulbul, marking my 120th species for Phutthamonthon.

One of the Black-crested Bulbuls featuring bamboo. 24th Oct.

There were a flock of 3 and I enjoyed watching them for a while, after the surprise Rufous-winged Buzzard and my main target I was ready to call it off early and head home. The other birds that have been recently reported and I’m still looking for are Thick-billed Green-Pigeon and Black Bittern but I’ll save looking for those for another day.

20+ Black Bazas migrating overhead. 24th Oct.

Other interesting sightings for the day included a large flock of migrating Black Bazas and a Southeast Asian Water Monitor with a Turtle in its mouth. Speaking of reptiles, I did encounter an Oriental Rat Snake the day before.

Interesting meal for mr. monitor. 23rd Oct.
Peacock Pansy butterfly. 24th Oct.

I’ve grown tired of the city parks when compared to Phutthamonthon and its vastness. No doubt I’ll be back shortly for more birding adventures.

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2 thoughts on “Quest for Black-crested Bulbul

  1. Absolutely fantastic photos Sam. And, as always, I’m impressed by your knowledge of birds (and of other animals).
    BTW I have to log in to my WordPress account every time I want to like of leave a comment. This is not always possible. Is that the same for everyone who sees this? I don’t know. What about if someone wants to like or comment and doesn’t have a WordPress account?
    Jo x (UK)

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