Wintery Weather with Warblers

The cool season might have just started here in Bangkok. Today, the air temperature was mid-20s with the lowest forecasted being low 20s. For photography, it wasn’t such a good day as it was fully overcast but the weather was too good to not be out in the field. I decided to check out the DPR again as I had a good feeling about it.

This Ferruginous Flycatcher is now a familiar face.

To start things off I located the Ferruginous Flycatcher, now it’s been here for three days and I wonder how much longer it’ll be staying before taking off. Yesterday, it was foraging alongside a Pale-legged / Sakhalin Leaf Warbler and today was no different.

Eastern Crowned Warbler taken yesterday at the DPR.
Eastern Crowned Warbler taken today at DPR.

There were loads of Leaf Warblers flitting around in the trees feeding, the common species present were Eastern Crowned Warblers, Arctic Warbler, and the more recent arrival, Yellow-browed Warbler. This being my first proper calendar year of birding I’ve learnt so much about basic Phylloscopus identification as well as migration timings.

The friendly Ferruginous, taken yesterday.

It wasn’t long to get a rush of excitement, a lifer in the form of Alström’s Warbler was foraging around the hedge in-front of me. I didn’t manage any good photos of it but I was very happy nonetheless. The light was poor and the Warblers are very fast and never stop moving.

What I managed to capture of the Alström’s Warbler!

Yesterday, I had missed the Sulphur-breasted Warbler but you can probably guess what else I saw today. Yes, the Alström’s was foraging alongside a Sulphur-breasted Warbler! Again, they were incredibly active foraging in the mid-level canopy, with no sunlight and a long lens shooting at F/6.3 it was a challenge to get anything!

What I managed to capture of the rare migrant: Sulphur-breasted Warbler.

While the photos weren’t so great I wasn’t at all bothered, it was amazing to enjoy these birds in the wonderful cool weather. There was also a female Hill Blue Flycatcher, separated from similar female Cyornis by the wide orange patch on throat and brown tail. There was also a Blyth’s / Amur Paradise-Flycatcher flying around but I didn’t get an identifying shot as I was more interested in observing the Sulphur-breasted and Alström’s Warbler!

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