Booted Eagle in Bangkok!

After a long break from this particular spot, yesterday I headed for Suwintawong in the far-eastern reaches of Bangkok, in Nong Chok district. In the past I’ve had a mega rarity first-in-Bangkok, in the form of Eurasian Marsh Harrier. Yesterday I managed to get lucky, too. At first I thought it was a govinda subspecies of Black Kite, the first finger was too long for Brahminy Kite, but, the tail was more flat than the typical forked.

While the pictures weren’t so good, they are more than sufficient for identification. It was suggested and later confirmed to be a Booted Eagle, another first for Bangkok. Thanks to those that helped with identification and David Gandy I contacted first.

Booted Eagle in Bangkok!

Apart from this, it was a rather quiet and hot day! The surrounding fields were flooded, so I managed a few more wading bird ticks in the form of Common Greenshank and Wood Sandpiper.

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