Ferruginous Flycatcher

I’ve recently spent most of my birding trying to find the frequently reported rarity, Brown-chested Jungle-Flycatcher. It’s been a few days now and I haven’t had any luck. Yesterday, I went to the park with family in the late afternoon, the light was fading and it was overcast and drizzling. Hope was also fading but as I walked through a forested area, reaching the water at the edge, I glimpsed a flash of orange. It was a lifer that I wanted to see for a while. I had missed it last migration, but this time, it was meant to be. Bird in question was of course, the Ferruginous Flycatcher.

The light was almost non-existent but managed a half-decent photo.

The low light made getting the photo tricky, bumping the ISO still left shutter speeds very low and the autofocus hunts incredibly slowly. I couldn’t care less as I knew I did get at least one decent picture, I spend the last minutes of light enjoying this beautiful bird hawking insects. The next day, I had time to revisit the park. Primarily for the Jungle-Flycatcher but ended up getting better photos of the Ferruginous Flycatcher, the former was nowhere to be seen, of course.

Ferruginous Flycatcher taken in better light conditions.

I managed to string together some footage from today and yesterday for you to enjoy the bird in video form. It was a lovely experience, yesterday, bumping into this stunning Flycatcher and also seeing it again today.

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