Stork-billed & Friends

Today I decided to check at the temple and park in Nonthaburi. Last time the park was under-construction and it still is partly a building site. Today, film crews were also using the temple so I only briefly checked in on the numerous Red-breasted Parakeets.

Male Red-breasted Parakeet.
Female Red-breasted Parakeet.

Walking into a forested area, I was looking for Eastern Crowned Warblers. They are an abundant passage migrant at this time of year. Instead, I heard a familiar call of Taiga Flycatcher, they have returned for the winter!

Welcome back, Taiga Flycatchers!

With no sign of the Warblers I continued onwards, the park was busy with construction work and gardeners everywhere. I followed a route which was quiet from people but loud with birds. This was when I stumbled upon a Stork-billed Kingfisher. It’s always a joy to see this magnificent Kingfisher.

Stork-billed Kingfisher ssp. burmanica

It was right next to this I also found a pair of Eastern Crowned Warblers and a male Yellow-rumped Flycatcher. Most of the time I don’t try to photograph the Warblers, I mainly use my binoculars to get a clear sight of the plumage to make sure of the identification. Usually, getting the photo is more trouble than it’s worth. The Yellow-rumped Flycatcher was tucked away high up and I didn’t manage a clear shot.

Eastern Cattle Egret

Surprisingly, Cattle Egret was a new bird at this park for me! Which brought my total new ticks for the park to 4, making my total species count at this locale 71! It was a relaxing visit and a productive day in terms of numbers.

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One thought on “Stork-billed & Friends

  1. The stork billed kingfisher’s looks like a bird version of the eccentric artist Grayson Perry – sporting clashing colours of red beak, yellow breat and green wings!
    Jo x

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