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It’s only been a week since my last write-up but it’s been feeling like a year. I’ve been riding a downward spiral which seemed to have stemmed from my pre-mature stoppage while tapering one of my meds. In short, the past few days I’ve been feeling like death.

Female Oriental Magpie-Robin

Thankfully, I woke up today feeling refreshed and was ready to hit the local patch. I’ve come to love the PR department park, it’s just amazingly manageable, no relentless searching like larger parks. There seems to be an equal possibility of migrants, too. With a higher chance of finding them.

Black-collared Starling family with juveniles asking for food.

Today, another Amur Paradise-Flycatcher was reported alongside recently arrival of the wintering Asian Brown Flycatcher. Given the small size of the park I was quick to stumble upon the Paradise-Flycatcher. This time, I was able to get some great photos!

Not easy to capture; this passage migrant Amur Paradise Flycatcher was constantly on the move, fuelling up for its journey.

High-up in the canopy I was able to observe a male Yellow-rumped Flycatcher, which was a nice sight. I hadn’t seen one since the northbound migration earlier this year. This one was a speck in the canopy, so the views weren’t too great.

My first migrant of the day was this male Yellow-rumped Flycatcher.

Looking out for Warblers, I stumbled upon the one I was waiting to find on this patch. The Arctic Warbler! I had seen one during last migrational period but the bird at that time period was inseparable from Kamchatka and Japanese Leaf Warblers. A well deserved tick that had plenty of time in the oven.

Good enough shots to record the Arctic Warbler. With these Leaf Warblers, you have to try your luck to get a decent photo.

To finish off the day, before having a go on the swing, I found one of the recent arrivals. The Asian Brown Flycatcher. A wintering species, it was nice to see one again, it had been a while!

Asian Brown Flycatcher. It will be a common sight throughout the wintering period.
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