Arrival of Grey-tailed Tattler

The past couple of days have seen a few reports of Grey-tailed Tattler relatively close to Bangkok. A few sightings in Samut Sakhon and another sighting at Bang Pu Recreation Centre in Samut Prakan, observed by Ben Weil. Since the latter was convenient, I went to scout the area for this rare passage migrant.

50+ Painted Storks were observed, picture 2 showing immature birds.

Venturing to the hide first, there wasn’t too much activity. Realising the tide was still out, we went to walk along the pier. Loads of Whiskered Terns, a few Brown-headed Gulls still sticking around, a boat load of Lesser Sand-plovers and a couple of Whimbrels with a few other species. Amongst the numerous Whiskered Terns I found a Little Tern.

Little Tern, not as well photographed as the beach trip.
Red-necked Stints. Thanks to iNaturalist and Ben for identification help.
Painted Stork foraging in the ocean.

The tide was quick to come in, decreasing the area for the smaller wading birds. Scanning them, I noticed a larger grey bird foraging near the waters edge. It was the bird I had hoped to see. A Grey-tailed Tattler foraging amongst the Lesser Sand-plovers! I was extremely happy to find it, more-so that I picked it out by the pier.

First time seeing a Grey-tailed Tattler.

A storm was brewing and thunder crackled in the background. Dark clouds over the bay of Bangkok. As the tide was almost all the way in we went to the inland area. Sitting at the hide, I found the Grey-tailed Tattler again! Probably the same individual from 10-20 minutes earlier which had flown in.

Photos in chronological order. Eventually it laid down for a snooze.

Surprisingly on this long-weekend, it was quiet at Bang Pu. It was even more enjoyable to observe the Tattler without any other interruptions from other people. And not being amongst a crowd of twitchers, like the Fairy Pitta and Ruddy Kingfisher.

A pair of Black-tailed Godwits were still present.

A short and sweet visit to the mangroves and shoreline of Bang Pu. One of the negatives things are the relentless mosquitos in this area but worth enduring for the birds at this spot.

All images and video © 2022 hamsambly

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