Fairy Pitta in Bangkok

Likely the most amazing migrant to be observed in Bangkok this year is the Fairy Pitta. The species was first recorded in Thailand as recently as 2009 at Phutthamonthon park. It is now known as a rare migrant, usually observed in the eastern province of Rayong on passage. It winters further south and breeds in Northeastern Asia. Listed as vulnerable species, as little as 16-26% return from their wintering grounds in spring.

Fairy Pitta foraging for food.

This Fairy Pitta showed up in Bangkok from the 5th of May, and is drawing huge crowds of birders. A few hundred people coming to the see the bird in the past two days is a sensible estimate. Given the rarity and status of the species, it is to be expected!

A nice look at the front of this beautiful Fairy Pitta.

When I visited, it wasn’t more than 20 minutes before the Pitta came hopping out of the undergrowth. It was a little further back as it made a beeline for the log. Just before, an Oriental Magpie-Robin had come down to take a few mealworms in front of the sizeable crowd of people.

Fairy Pitta, first record at this particular location. I’m sure it brought a few birders in from some distant provinces.

Fairy Pitta is a fitting common name as I think it is one of the closest things to a real-life fairy. At the end of my visit a storm was coming in. As I’m writing the next day, the storm has engulfed the city. This might mean it will be staying a bit longer. Although, the food alone may cause this Pitta to stick around longer as it usually does.

A short video to see it in action.

Update 8th May 2022: The Fairy Pitta left after the 7th of May.

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