Black Bazas over Bangkok

Still looking out for other Migrants, such as Mugimaki Flycatcher. The past few days I have been seeing Yellow-rumped Flycatchers and not much else. Yesterday, I checked Phutthamonthon park and only found Ashy Minivets and a Yellow-rumped Flycatcher. This time of year most birds are nesting so there’s a lot going on, besides migration.

Yellow-rumped Flycatcher at Phutthamonthon. 8th April 2022.
Ashy Minivet at Phutthamonthon. 8th April 2022.
Young (?) Spotted Owlet at Phutthamonthon. 8th April 2022.
Red-wattled Lapwings were 10x louder than usual due to nests, here’s one incubating. 8th April 2022.
Lineated Barbet foraging on the ground. 8th April 2022.

Today I checked PR early and it yielded Ashy Minivets and Yellow-rumped Flycatcher. I also checked it yesterday and I only found Yellow-rumped Flycatcher. I’m still waiting on other Flycatchers.

Yellow-rumped Flycatcher at PR. 8th April 2022.
Ashy Minivet from today. 9th April 2022.
Taiga Flycatcher with the morning bed-head. 9th April 2022.
Yellow-rumped Flycatcher female. 9th April 2022.

As most of the migrants are new to me, I’m learning as I go with some of the birds coming through. The female Yellow-rumped can be separated from conjoiners by the white wing markings.

Today, after PR, I went to Sirikit Park. Still only Yellow-rumped Flycatcher, and a few Ashy Minivets. And an update on the White-breasted Waterhen chicks, which had a sad update in this post. They are probably all dead thanks to the gardener’s cat. Yes, cats ARE a PROBLEM.

Ashy Minivet, 9th April 2022.
Yellow-rumped Flycatcher. 9th April 2022.

The most exciting sighting was one I almost missed. I only got a picture of them flying away, already far. I think it was a migrating flock of Black Bazas on their way passing over Bangkok. Luckily, I was able to crop and see enough detail to make the identification.

Black Bazas over Bangkok. 9th April 2022.

These days I’ve been busy since I’m trying to see the migrating birds.

But I like to take all the wildlife. Here are two Northern Treeshrews at the park.
9th April 2022.

All images © 2022 hamsambly

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