eBird iNaturalist and Updates

More of a generalised ‘update’ post today. As of recent, I’ve been going through my photo library and sorting them out as I put them on iNaturalist. While I still use eBird, I don’t really appreciate how the photos get spread on there.

Grey-headed Canary-Flycatcher at DPR, February 25th 2022.

Recently I was searching somebody’s name, from eBird, and my photo appeared on the google search. Alongside a caption of a hotspot that the photo wasn’t even taken in. It’s confusing, and I don’t appreciate it. They are also fussy and the upload limit only 10mb, I do which they were more fussy about protecting the images that surface on searches.

Java Sparrow in our garden, 19th March 2022.

Good thing is that I found iNaturalist and I’m enjoying it a lot, and also learning from it. Now, I’m more interested in all animals, alongside the birds. Similar to the ‘old days’ before I focused only on birds. My photos might diversify with slightly more reptiles and insects.

Endangered South Asian Box Turtle with a Red-eared Slider below the surface. 17th March 2022.

The main reason for the lack of posts was sorting all my photos and putting them onto iNaturalist. Eventually, all my photos will be there so they can be seen in one place. It’s been a very long process and I’m not quite finished with my archives, I’ve tackled about 65% of it.

Found a Chinese Edible Frog at the pond, 17th March 2022.

Back to birding, yesterday I found a Red-wattled Lapwing nesting in our garden! It’s the first time I’ve observed a nest with eggs up-close that wasn’t a Zebra Dove or Sparrow. I found the 4 camouflaged eggs, and made sure to minimise any disturbance for the next few weeks. Hopefully, they hatch and we can see the chicks develop. Stay tuned as that’s something I’m eagerly waiting to post about on the site.

Until then, here’s a cute juvenile Eurasian Tree Sparrow from 12th March 2022.

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