Finally, a Kingfisher!

If you previously read about my visits to Chaloem Kanchanaphisek Park & Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat Worawiharn you would know, despite visiting 8 times, I was yet to encounter a Kingfisher. While not where I expected it to be, 9th time was the charm.

One of many Yellow-vented Bulbul at the park. This one is a young bird, it still retains its yellow baby beak on the edges. 20th February 2022.

Yesterday, the visit took place on a Sunday afternoon. The park was busy but the far reaches of the park were not anymore busy than a weekday. It wasn’t long before encountering a new bird for the park. Flying across the path briefly was a Greater Racket-tailed Drongo. The view lasted only a couple of seconds, assumed Greater because Lesser would be highly highly improbable. This was my 59th species at the park.

There were a total of 3 Little Cormorants perched on the tree in the park.
20th February 2022.

There was a looming dark cloud nearby, slowly creeping towards the park. Watching the sky, one of the interesting sightings of the day was a Brahminy Kite carrying a fish. It made a loop around the park and was quickly on its way.

Brahminy Kite carrying a fish. 20th February 2022.

As the dark cloud arrived, it began to drizzle and the winds were high. A flock of Painted Storks came through at this time. The rain and dark clouds passed in 10 minutes. A few House Swifts were flying over the water, the light was perfect as their white-rump patch shone brightly. The rest of the sighting in the park section included Pink-necked Green-pigeon and close views of Lineated Barbet.

Flock of Painted Storks. 20th February 2022.
Painted Storks flying with Asian Openbill flight lead. 20th February 2022.

Before leaving I went to the temple section. Leaving the car I was immediately greeted by a male Small Minivet. Then I made my way inside to look at the Spotted Owlets. Today, one was on guard on the branch and the other was sitting on the entrance to the hollow. By now, the sun was low in the sky, offering great light.

Spotted Owlet on guard. 20th February 2022.
It was alert and it watched a Large-billed Crow flying nearby.
20th February 2022.

Then I caught a glimpse of something blue and white in the opposite tree. It happened to be the long awaited Kingfisher, in the form of Collared Kingfisher. I was really surprised to find it here, foraging in the large tree opposite the Spotted Owlets.

My 60th species at the park, Collared Kingfisher. 20th February 2022.
One of the best images I have taken so far. 20th February 2022.

After the sighting I went to the floating dock to see if I could see any more birds around the river. There was a Great Egret in the distance. From my visits here, it turns out to be an exciting park, with a lot of potential bird sightings.

All images © 2022 hamsambly

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