Rainy birding at Sirikit

Yesterday, it looked like a good day for birding as the sun was hidden behind the clouds. As I arrived at my local park, it wasn’t long before I could see interesting birds. I was looking around the Chinese Blue Flycatcher area, I was yet to see it but there was a Green-billed Malkoha present. A light rain had begun to fall. I then spotted a bird I had yet to see in Sirikit: Hair-crested Drongo. That was enough for me to feel excited about the visit.

First time seeing Hair-crested Drongo at Sirikit Park. 26th January 2022.

It was a few minutes later, in the exact same area, I saw something hopping on the grass which didn’t look like a Myna. Upon closer inspection it was a new bird for me. After a quick bit of research, I found it to be Eyebrowed Thrush. It hadn’t been 30 minutes but it was already a fruitful visit.

Eyebrowed Thrush foraging on the grass. 26th January 2022.

The light drizzle gave way to a heavy downpour. It didn’t let up for over an hour. The rains possibly a result of the recent poor air quality. This didn’t stop the birding. I was hanging around under the large tree in the same area and the 1st year Chinese Blue Flycatcher made a wonderful appearance.

Chinese Blue Flycatcher sheltering in a bush. 26th January 2022.
Puffy from the cool breeze. 26th January 2022.
He didn’t mind the rain. 26th January 2022.
Looking around for insects. 26th January 2022.

It was foraging in the rain, taking shelter in a bush when it was particularly heavy and then it was singing on an exposed branch! Even the new sightings were challenged by seeing this little guy out in the rain, despite seeing him on over 10 occasions. I describe him as the gift that keeps giving.

I even filmed a video, handheld mind.

The rains eventually stopped and the warm sun came out. I found a sleeping Asian-barred Owlet who was a literal fluff-ball. Later encountering the cute and inquisitive White-crested Laughingthrush pair which approached me within arms-reach to check in on me photographing some Eurasian Tree Sparrows.

Asian Barred Owlet bOrb. 26th January 2022.
Beautiful Eurasian Tree Sparrow. 26th January 2022.

Before leaving I can’t believe I caught a glimpse of what seemed like two Asian Barred Owlets mating. I saw the last second or so and one of them flew off. I’m pretty sure that’s what happened despite my 1 second glimpse. It was in the trees, right next to the coffee shop. If only these people knew what unbelievable things were happening within 100m of them.

All images © 2021 – 2022 hamsambly


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