Birding and Tennis?

Not long ago, I started looking for birds around a location which I visit for tennis. Within the grounds itself there are plenty of birds to see and hear. On new years eve of 2021, a Green-billed Malkoha flew across the court we were playing on, spectacular, due to the long tail.

Green-billed Malkoha taken at Sirikit Park. 20th December 2021.

The following week I saw a Black-winged Kite circling from the covered court! You can consistently enjoy the interesting sounds of Common Iora, alongside many other resident birds. Recently, the calls of Plaintive Cuckoo have been plentiful.

Black-winged Kite may be the most common resident raptor but its always a sight to behold. 5th January 2022 at PRRC.
Common Iora taken at Sirikit Park. A bird with an interesting repertoire of sounds. 24th November 2021.

In the last couple of weeks have I looked outside the facility for birds. There are plenty of good environments – for the time being anyway. One is a large expanse of mud (it is a rice paddy). Currently home to over 100 Grey-headed Lapwings, the largest flock I have witnessed around these parts.

Grey-headed Lapwing, a winter visitor around here. 17th January 2022.
Whiskered Tern coming in to take a bath amongst the Grey-headed Lapwings. I witnessed it coming for a bath at the same time and place this week!
17th January 2022.

What was also notable for me were the Long-toed Stints also residing in the area. It’s a bird I only recently became familiar with after visiting the salt pans in Chachoengsao. So, it was nice to see them here, and also nice to be able to correctly identify them.

Long-toed Stint. 24th January 2022.

They are incredibly small wading birds. Today they were right up against the road but they were undoubtably invisible to anyone passing by. They were pretty much invisible without binoculars. They were foraging alongside the very cute Little Ringed Plovers.

Little Ringed Plover. This one was quite tolerant of my presence.
24th January 2022.
Allowing for some lovely photos of this tiny wading bird.
24th January 2022.

Due to it being midday, I didn’t stick around long as the heat was unbearable and it’s not so fun birding on the hard shoulder. If you play tennis and like birds CV tennis is a good spot.

All images © 2021 – 2022 hamsambly


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