Bangkok Triple Park Run

Today I was considering returning straight back to the spot I visited yesterday in Nakhon Pathom, as I was fairly certain I saw Rain Quail but didn’t get any photos, just seen through binoculars and later, when I accidentally flushed a pair. A pair that were almost under my feet. That seemed to be one of the signs of Rain Quail.

Indian Nightjar, one of the birds I did manage to photograph at the spot yesterday. 12th January 2022.

Anyway, the plan fell through and I ended sticking to my local area and going to the park in the Public Relations department, followed by a couple hours at Sirikit Park and finally 2 hours at Rotfai park. The PR department is excellent for a ratio of size to species. Not much walking but a decent chance at birds. I was able to see Hair-crested Drongo which was still sticking around.

Heavily cropped image of the Hair-crested Drongo for documentation.
13 January 2022.

It was rather quiet, to be expected at midday for birds, but I left satisfied with the brief visit. Before leaving I tackled the challenge of taking picture of a Yellow-browed Warbler, at first I wasn’t certain which warbler it was, but eventually confirmed with some playback. After the playback it settled slightly, allowing for a decent snapshot.

Yellow-browed Warbler allowing for a quick photo. 13th January 2022.

Next I made my way to Sirikit Park. Nothing stood out, I normally can separate the Pale-legged Leaf Warbler and Sakhalin Leaf Warbler by checking the audio but had a weirdly tough time with one calling bird which was, according to my analyser, slightly off key. Later on, I waited for another beside the water and got a Sakhalin. The young male Chinese Blue Flycatcher was still showing amazingly. Apart from that, Asian Barred Owlet being chased by a Large-billed Crow was something I hadn’t seen in a while.

Today’s attempt at photographing Sakhalin Leaf Warbler. 13th January 2022.
White-breasted Waterhen is the easiest bird in the rail family to find over here. I’m still waiting on the others. 13th January 2022.

On to Rotfai Park. Usually the better place to see Kingfishers, and I did see a pair of Black-capped Kingfisher and one Common Kingfisher buzzing over one of the large bodies of water. I enjoy watching interaction between species and was nice to watch a Coppersmith Barbet share a branch with a Red Collared-dove. What was notable today was the vast amount of Blue-tailed Bee-eaters, I counted around 20, which is a record for me at the park.

Coppersmith Barbet alongside a male Red-collared Dove. 13th January 2022.

The day ended nicely with the calls of a Lineated Barbet which I heard at the same spot last week. The daylight faded, making way for the rising moon and it was time to leave.

Fitting end to the day. Lineated Barbet backlit by the moon.
13th January 2022

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