January Day in the Park

Yesterday I went to the park for an afternoon of ‘easy’ birding. The prior day I had woken at 5am with 1 hour of sleep to spend 10 hours in the field. That’s what I’d regard as ‘hard’ birding. Totally worth it though, as I got to see a Spoon-billed Sandpiper but more on that in another post. Today I want to talk about recent sightings in Sirikit Park, Bangkok.

My main purpose was to sight one of the Crested Goshawks which I had been seeing on basically every visit in late December but had dodged me since 2022. It was a nice time to go anyway as I have been seeing a couple of nice birds reliably – Verditer Flycatcher and Chinese Blue Flycatcher.

One of the Crested Goshawks with a Northern Tree Shrew. 27th December 2021.

Checking my usual spots for seeing the raptor, it wasn’t there and I went along my path to check the corners of the park. It had been reported to been seen at the site which held the Blue-winged Pitta and Large Blue Flycatcher. No luck there, and also no luck with any Asian Barred Owlets this time. I continued forwards, the highlight so far would be two Malaysian Pied Fantails fighting off a Greater Coucal.

Next was the walk to the bamboo area where the male Verditer Flycatcher hangs out. I also heard about the Asian Emerald Cuckoo sighted in the park three days ago, and two years back I knew it was reported around here so it was definitely a nice spot to check. On the way over there I stopped to see the young Chinese Blue Flycatcher, which is still showing very reliably, I took some snaps. There were two photographers on the other side of the bush baiting it. These days I don’t have much of an opinion on that, but it is completely unnecessary since that particular bird was showing so nicely, but good for the bird getting extra food, i guess.

The first year Chinese Blue Flycatcher male who is showing amazingly. 4th January 2022.

So on to the actual bamboo area, I do like to check the canopies as I saw Thick-billed Green Pigeon here not long ago, and two days back I was pleasantly surprised with seeing a single Chestnut Munia amongst the Scaly-breasted Munia. I walked around here for about 40 minutes and was exiting the area. A brief check around the left side to see if the Hill Blue Flycatcher was still around, of course it wasn’t, but what was, was the younger Crested-Goshawk in a bare branched tree, stalking feral pigeons just metres away! Very unexpected to suddenly see it in that area. Visit complete. Almost.

Crested Goshawk in the bare tree stalking pigeons.
10th January 2022.
Another angle before it took flight and all the birds in the park shrieked in fear.
10th January 2022.

I also sighted the Verditer Flycatcher after leaving the bamboo area. Time to ho home, on the way out I thought I’d check an area which, 2 days ago, provided an adult Chinese Blue Flycatcher. Didn’t see it but heard the call of Sakhalin Leaf Warbler in the area. Earlier it was just a visual sighting so it was listed as Sak/PL.

The male Verditer Flycatcher. 4th January 2022.

That’s how the Monday park birding went, quite a contrast to the previous day out in the salt pans but still action packed for being in a city park!

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