Welcome to my birding blog

Yesterday, it was recommended that I start something to showcase my bird photography. Past couple months I had just left them on eBird, I guess they don’t really do much there. This post will be a slight introduction.

I am a relatively new birder, based in central Thailand. I started taking big interest in birds in 2018. This was alongside getting into photography, so the pair of hobbies went well together. Eventually with other commitments, the passion for it faded slightly, but in late 2021 a Large Blue Flycatcher was the turning point.

Here is the bird that started it all again. A female Large Blue Flycatcher. 5th November 2021.

After the rare sighting at my home, I was recommended eBird. This went well with my personality and it spiked my interest in a huge way. I was back into the hobby and eventually I was birding everyday. That was two months ago and here I am writing today.

These days I am birding daily, and taking pictures. The focal point of the blog will be my experience birding as a newer birder growing my experience. Hope some people will find it interesting and thanks if you read this, there will be more to come! Another thanks to the Bangkok birding community which helped me in many ways to reach this point.

All images © 2021 hamsambly

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